InVideo Complete Review and Discount 2021

InVideo is mostly a Lumen5 competitor, but it could be used as an alternative to Content Samurai.

Which is why I’m reviewing it.

To be honest I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.

That said, not everything about it is great.

There are some huge pluses, but also some pretty big negatives.

Keep reading to find out what they are, whether or not you should buy it, and how you can get a discount.

The Review

This is what the dashboard looks like:

Templates & Video Types

As you can see you can create videos for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They don’t currently “support” Twitter or LinkedIn videos, but you can just create a square video for Twitter & YouTube-style for LinkedIn so that’s not a problem.

Most of the videos I create are “article-to-video” or script to video so I don’t use the templates as an idea for the content. I only use them for the visuals.

Overall, the template library is pretty extensive for all video dimensions and they even have a category specifically for “month specific days.” For example 3/14 is Pi Day, 3/17 is St. Patricks, and 3/20 is the International Day of Happiness.

They provide templates for each of those days so if you want to keep your community engaged, but don’t have ideas or time to create a detailed video, then these are perfect!


If you choose the Article -> Video option the next step is adding a script.

You can either copy & paste or have it import it directly from a URL. the URL feature works most of the time, but it’s not always ideal.

The key thing here is that you can add a maximum of 50 sentences! This is because they have a 50 slide/scene limit and if you put one sentence per slide (which in many cases is too much), then you’ll get to 50 slides.

This means that while they advertise a 15 minute maximum video length, a more realistic video length would be about 5-8 minutes.

If you make a 15 minute video each slide has to be about 18-20 seconds. This may work with some YouTube videos, but your voiceover and script has to be absolutely perfect for it to work well.

Video Creation & Editing

Once you press next, the software creates the video for you.

It can automatically add images & videos, but the AI is extremely weak. I wouldn’t even call it AI. All it does at the moment is search the media library for the exact content of the slide instead of trying to find specific keywords like what Lumen5 does.

This means that if you have text longer than 2-3 words on your slide, InVideo won’t be able to pick a video or image for you.

So if your sentence is “whales.” or “oranges.” it will find something for that, but if your sentence is “sometimes even oceans” it will not find a video or image for “oceans.”

That’s not a huge problem as most people should pick their own media anyway, but something you should be aware of if you’re looking for a completely automatic solution.

The time to create the video can also be somewhat long. It takes about 1 second per slide, so a 50 slide video would take about 50 seconds to create.

Not a deal-breaker, but can be a bit annoying if you value speed.

This is what the Storyboard editor looks like:

Adding media is simple. You search for it, and then drag it into the scene.

If you already have existing media inside the scene you’ll get this popup asking you what you want to do with it:

The Media Library

Their media library is comparable to other tools, but their biggest advantage is how many Premium videos you can use per month on each plan.

You get 300/mo on their Business plan and Unlimited on their Unlimited plan (duh) which is incredible.

Most other tools offer way less downloads per month and cost way more.

Their music library is on par with every other tool. Nothing standout.

The Advanced Editor

It may seem like they don’t have a lot of features, but that’s because most of them are hidden inside of the advanced editor.

This is where you can edit pretty much every aspect of your video.

Change the colors, move things around, change transitions, change how everything looks. All of this is done in the advanced editor.

You can also add a voiceover on a per-slide basis which is definitely useful. The recording isn’t as easy or intuitive as Content Samurai’s, but it’s better than nothing! This isn’t a useful feature for those that don’t have a perfect microphone as it won’t sound great, but still useful for some.

They do have automated robot VO, but I don’t recommend anyone to use this. It’s impersonal, distracting, and plain annoying.

The Extra Features

They also have Stickers, Effects, Shapes, and Enhancers.

Stickers are basically animated video props you can add to the video. They’re cool, especially useful for Instagram Stories or Facebook Ads, and most of them look great! Some of them look a bit old, but there’s plenty of good options you can use.

Effects are video overlays. I don’t use these much, but you can basically add smoke, hearts, snow, light, or other random filters to your video.

Shapes are pretty self-explanatory. Lines, squares, thought bubbles.

Enhancers are cool. I especially like the auto-import for Twitter/Instagram posts. This is perfect if you make those “top 10” style videos as it will speed up your workflow significantly.

They also have Masks, which are basically video overlays, and collage layouts which are pretty self explanatory.

All in all, tons of features!

Random Notes

Their support speed is incredible. On average their support responds under 5 minutes 24/7 which is ridiculous.

They also add tons of new features and listen to their community in the Facebook group.

It’s also the most affordable software I’ve found for the number of features it offers.

It doesn’t have an AI that’s ad advanced as Content Samurai’s, but you could make most Content Samurai videos inside of InVideo. It would just take much more work.

The way I see it, Content Samurai fills the need for sales videos and Influencer style videos, and InVideo fills the need for stock-video based videos.

Pricing & Discount

They have two plans: Business and Unlimited.

There are two differences between the plans: how many Premium Videos/Images you can use and how many videos you can export per month.

Business limits you at 300 Premium Videos/month and 60 exports per month.

Unlimited is… well, unlimited. You can use as many videos and export as many videos as your heart desires.

Business is $20/month if paid monthly and $10 if paid yearly. Unlimited is $60/month if paid monthly & $30/month if paid yearly.

The 50% annual discount is the one that is always available, but you can get an extra 40% off if you use the code VPSPECIAL40

Yes, that’s a discount that applies on top of the existing 50% annual discount.

To get the extra 40% discount applies click the link below, sign up for an account, click on “Upgrade your account” and then enter VPSPECIAL40 into the “promo code” box.

The Conclusion

Overall I’m very happy with InVideo, and if they continue developing the software at the pace they’ve been going at, it will become a market leader within a couple years.

While it’s not as simple as Lumen5, you can create simple videos with it very quickly, and if you need the more advanced features, those are also available.