Content Samurai First Look

Here is my unedited, honest experience with Content Samurai right after purchasing it.

I bought it, watched the welcome video, and recorded myself as I created my first video using the app.

This isn’t a review.

Here is my actual review.

Here’s the video, but if you prefer reading you can scroll down for a summary of my experience.

Video Summary

I watched the intro video on their website to get introduced to the basics of the program and then I tried to create my first video.

This is what the project creation screen looks like:

Content Samurai menu

The sidebar on the left side of the screen is a quick summary of the video-creation process.

You write the “script” for the video, add images to the slides and make sure that the text on the slides works, change the theme of the slides, and then you go on to the next step.

You voice the slides (the voicing process is fairly easy, but the 1. 2. 3. countdown before each recording is a bit annoying), add music if you want, and then Content Samurai tries to sync your audio with the text on the slides.

If the sync isn’t perfect (which it wasn’t for me), there’s a quick process for changing the timing of the slides.

After making sure your video looks how you want it to you can press Generate Your Video and the app does the rendering and everything else in the cloud.

The rendering process is pretty quick (I think it took me about a minute for a 1 minute video, but I’ll do more testing on this.)

While the video-creation process was pretty simple there were a couple things I didn’t like about it and things that weren’t so obvious at first.

I don’t like that you can’t clean up your audio so you’re at the mercy of your microphone. If your mike is good then you shouldn’t worry, but if it’s not great and you usually clean up your audio with Audacity like me then your video might not be as good as it should because of the audio quality.

Of course you could always download the video, separate the video and audio tracks, and then edit the audio with Audacity or Premiere pro, but that’s a lot more work for something that I think they should add.

If you’re interested in getting a discount or a full review on Content Samurai then you can check out the homepage.