Content Samurai VS EasyVSL 3.0

Content Samurai and EasyVSL were both started with the goal of making video sales letter creation easier and faster.

However, EasyVSL decided to keep focusing on VSLs and Content Samurai has added more and more features focused on ad videos, promotional videos, and much more.

So… which program is best?

I will dive deep into each program, compare the two on their main features, the extra features, and everything in between.

But I know not everyone has the time to read the complete review so here’s what I would do if I were you:

The Quick Verdict

Even though Content Samurai is more expensive, I highly recommend it over EasyVSL for most people.

It allows you to create more types of videos, has a larger video library, has an AI that greatly speeds up the video creation process and they are constantly adding new features.

However, if you only need to create simple VSL videos and want to save as much money as possible, then you should try to get the EasyVSL lifetime option (if they still have it.) If you have to pay monthly or yearly for EasyVSL then you might as well get Content Samurai.

The Setup Time

How long does each program take to install, figure out, and actually start creating your first video?

This may not seem super important, but time is valuable and if your first experience with the software isn’t positive, how much do you think you’ll like and use the software later? And if the first impression isn’t great, imagine what that says about the rest of the software.

Content Samurai

You can start using the program pretty much immediately after buying it or signing up for the free trial.

You land on a page that explains every feature of Content Samurai and makes starting up a breeze, but Content Samurai is overall very quick and easy to use so the tutorials aren’t necessary.

All the features are available right away with no need for API setup, registering on other websites, or anything else.


After going through all the upsells, you land on the page below.

You can download EasyVSL (yes, you have to download it and actually download Adobe Air before downloading EasyVSL), look at their training center videos, and get support.

Not too different from Content Samurai, but the problem is: the download and setup takes some time & once you’ve downloaded everything, you still can’t use all the features of the program!

To use the text to speech or voiceover autosync features you have to register for an account on IBM Watson, get an API key, and insert it into EasyVSL.

It’s not too complicated, but does take some time for each.

The WINNER: Content Samurai

Much faster setup, no need to download anything, and everything is ready for you within the program right away.

The Media Library

How many videos, images, and music do you get?

Videos aren’t crucial for VSLs, but images are useful for spicing it up!

Content Samurai

800,000+ videos

32,000,o00+ images

30,000+ songs


Access to millions of free images.

A couple of free sounds. – You get more if you buy the $199 upsell, but it’s not worth it.

No free music or videos.

The WINNER: Content Samurai

Wins in every category. More images. More video. More music.

The Pricing

Adding another monthly subscription can be expensive, even if it’s making money for your business!

Content Samurai

The current software price is $47/month or $397/year.

However, you can get it for 25% or even 50% off by using the discounts on this page.

This means you can get it for ~$23/month.

There are no lifetime plans available.


The current pricing is $99 upfront with $9.99 monthly OR $197 annually.

However, they also have a “hidden” lifetime plan. You can get EasyVSL for only $67 if you go on their site, click on the buy button, but do not buy. You’ll soon get retargeted on Facebook with a limited time offer for $67 lifetime.


Cheaper monthly plan, cheaper yearly plan, and they have a hidden lifetime plan available.

Video Formats & Resolution

Most VSL videos are 16:9, but this is important if you’re thinking of creating non-VSL videos.

Content Samurai

All videos are in full HD.

However, there are square and horizontal rectangular video options available which means the dimensions vary.

They are either 1920*1080 or 1080*1080.


You can only create rectangular videos at a 1280*720 resolution.

A bit behind the times if you ask me.

The WINNER: Content Samurai

Full HD available with multiple video types and styles.

Video Templates

You don’t want to create a video from scratch every time. Templates will save your life and will make everything much, much faster.

Content Samurai

They have templates for Content Videos, Influencer Videos, Instant Ads, Sales Videos, Online Courses, and Real Estate.

The coolest one in my opinion are the Influencer templates because they allow you to upload a video of yourself talking and Content Samurai will automatically transcribe it and add subtitles to it. This is perfect for Instagram and Facebook organic and ad videos!


They have different templates for their kinetic style and simple VSL videos.

To be honest the “templates” for simple style VSL videos are basically just different background, but you can fully customize everything within the template so that’s not a problem.

However you can’t edit the kinetic templates at all. You have to work with what you’ve got. Plus you only get a small number of templates if you don’t buy the $199 upsell.

These are all the Kinetic templates they have, but keep in mind if you don’t buy the upsell you’ll only have 5 of them.

EasyVSL Kinetic Templates

The WINNER: Content Samurai (Barely)

Both softwares have solid number of templates, but Content Samurai has more of them, they are more different, and they constantly add cool new ones like the Influencer templates.

The Video Editors

What does the video editor look like? What can you edit and what is set in stone?

Content Samurai

For each scene you can add a video or image, change the text, change the layout, the styles of everything, and the text position.

However, you cannot move the text anywhere you want. You only get 9 different positions for the text and that is it.

Content Samurai Editor


EasyVSL editor is generally similar, but you can actually move everything around. You can move the text wherever you want, you can add as many images as you want and position them anywhere, and you can edit all of the same things that you can do in Content Samurai.

EasyVSL Editor


They have similar editors with similar features, but EasyVSL allows you to position objects anywhere you want and not only in predetermined locations.

Of course, Content Samurai is online and EasyVSL has to be downloaded so it’s not ideal for quick work when you don’t have your laptop, but that shouldn’t be a big deal to most.

The AI

Does the software automatically add videos and images based on the script? Does it break apart the script automatically? Can it sync the voiceover to the script?

Content Samurai

Content Samurai is built on AI to make everything fast.

The AI breaks up the script into slides, selects images and videos for each slide, and autosyncs the audio and the script.

And all of this out of the box! No setup needed.

Now, it’s not perfect by any means, but it cuts down the work you have to do by a ton! Especially for long-form VSL videos.


EasyVSL does not have automatic image or video picking.

It doesn’t even automatically bold keywords on each slide!

However, it does have the voiceover autosync feature once you set that up through IBM Watson so that’s comparable to Content Samurai.

The WINNER: Content Samurai

Content Samurai was built on AI. No surprise it’s the winner here.

Other Features

Miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t fit in other categories.

Content Samurai

  • Watermarks
  • Custom Templates


  • Kinetic video templates
  • Sound effects on slide enter

Overall WINNER: Content Samurai

If it’s not obvious by this point, I highly recommend Content Samurai over EasyVSL. And it’s not just because I love CS. 😉