All InVideo Stickers 2020

InVideo has a ton of different “stickers” which are basically little animated (and not-animated) elements you can add to make your videos more entertaining and high-converting.

Below are all of the stickers available as of March 2020. They’re constantly adding more so I’ll check in from time to time and try to keep it update.

I also listed some cool things and potential uses for each sticker to get your creativity going.

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Business Stickers

CTA Stickers

Perfect for Instagram & Facebook stories or ads.

Comic Stickers

Creative, but not in line with most people’s brands. Could be used if you’re doing a limited time “comics” theme for your marketing materials.

Corporate Stickers

Crime Stickers

eCommerce Stickers

Emoji Stickers

InVideo has a Harry Potter emoji sticker! Can you spot it?

Finance Stickers

Flag Stickers

The flags are animated (they move/wave in the wind), but I couldn’t show that in the images below.

Lifestyle Stickers

Love Stickers

Marketing Stickers

Most of these are animated.

Medical Stickers

Miscellaneous Stickers

Zodiac signs, timers, and truly miscellaneous stuff. Could be useful for limited time promotions or time-pressure.

Fun for ads too. “Here’s how much you can get done in only 10 seconds with our product.”

Movie Stickers

Music Stickers

Places Stickers

Ratings Stickers

Social Media Stickers

Sports Stickers

Titles Stickers

Transport Stickers

Weather Stickers